Accepting Credit Cards in a Restaurant

Customize your restaurant credit card machine and merchant account for your type of restaurant

                  • Fast food restaurants
                  • Drive thru and Curbside
                  • Delivery
                  • Franchise
                  • Sit down restaurant
                  • Kiosk
                  • Quick service restaurants
                  • Turnkey franchises
                  • Pay at the table
                  • Pay at the counter


                  • Do you use server banking or cash registers?
                  • Do you have or need a dialup / high speed (IP) machine?
                  • Are you going to accept tips?
                  • Do you need a check guarantee and conversion system?
                  • Do you need custom gift or loyalty cards?

Increase Order and Tip Potential

Qualified restaurants receive special pricing.

Does your business qualify for these reduced rates?

Accept credit cards in your restaurant with a cash register system and credit card machine.

We offer comprehensive check services including electronic check conversion to guarantee and deposit via ACH check writer's payments.

We can help you easily set up a merchant account and you can begin to accept credit cards.

The entire process will take just minutes of your time and you'll be up and running in a matter of days.
Our application process makes it easy to apply. Your application will be approved almost immediately,
your account will be activated, and if you're buying or leasing new terminal equipment, it will arrive in just days.
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