Prepaid Services


Easy Setup. Quick Approval.

Earn up to 35% Profit


Almost any retail merchant has the ability to become a prepaid reseller!sell prepaid phone cards


No Activation Fee
No Application Fee
No Monthly Fee
No Equipment to purchase
No Minimum purchase
No Inventory to purchase
No Cards to order
No Minimum sales equirements
No Floor space required

Access our prepaid products and resell them through any PC with internet access.

Once approved, we take care of the rest by providing you with everything you need to begin selling prepaid immediately.

sell prepaid long distance cards
• Increases foot traffic
• Attracts new customers
• Gain customer loyalty
• Increases business profits and volume
Creates long-term customer relationships
• Regular shipments of complimentary POP and marketing materials
• Commissions paid correctly and quickly
• Automatically updates products and rates
• Association with nation's leading wireless carriers
• Become a destination for prepaid purchases
• Generate impulse purchases of prepaid products
• Increases Employee Productivity
• Highly-Trained Bilingual Customer Support available 7 days a week
24/7 Real-Time Access to Reporting
Allows for extensive reporting capabilities
• Sales Reports by machine, product, denomination, time of day, etc.
• Reports available online using secure user name and password
Need a machine? Use our prepaid machine for only $10 per month
The only terminal that makes you money!
How the Prepaid Machine Works:

Using the prepaid machine is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. A customer asks for a prepaid product, the clerk enters the code on the terminal.
2. A PIN for the prepaid product is sent to the terminal and printed on the receipt.
3. The clerk collects payment from the customer and the transaction is complete!

Add and remove clerk codes right at the terminal, and require each clerk to use a secure code to purchase the prepaid product.


selling prepaid wireless
Earn your share of the $12 Billion Dollars in prepaid sold annually
Allow your customers to purchase all of the major brand name phone cards, long distance cards, ring tones, and games right from your storefront!
Prepaid sales generated $3.5 billion in 2005, $3.1 billion in 2002.
On the average, prepaid wireless customers refill their phones every 41 days with an average refill of $33.71.
Blackstone Calling Card rapidly became one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid telecommunications
products and services with over 300,000 retail locations and over 7500 agents/distributors nationwide.
Blackstone has established ongoing relationships with internationally recognized companies such as
Americatel, AT&T Wireless, BellSouth, Cingular, Embratel, Cisco Systems, Fifth Third Bancorp, Hypercom, IDT and T-Mobile.
Some of our more recognizable merchants: