Loyalty Cards


Create incentives to buy more

Instantly reward loyal customers
with a special offer or add a percentage
of the sale amount back to their card.
Use your loyalty cards for Membership Cards, VIP Cards, Discount Cards, or Plastic Business Cards
Track loyalty points and create custom reward description receipts.
Loyalty only or “dual” gift and loyalty cards.

Loyalty Program Setup Form

Loyalty Cards Pricing Customers Rewards

*All Semi Custom and Custom loyalty programs include a limited number of annual transactions:

1000 (Introductory) 2000 (Deluxe) 4000 (Premier / Custom)

Loyalty transactions above the annual maximum are priced at $.20 per transaction
Bulk gift cards DO NOT include any annual loyalty transactions and are priced at $.20 per transaction

Loyalty Card Features
• Track points, purchases, or visits
• Create incentives for repeat shopping
• Custom receipt text printed for reward
• Transfer points to gift card stored value
• Modify tracking to “start over” or “continue” after redemption
• Offers the flexibility to “expire” old, unredeemed points
• Offers 3 different reward levels:
  • Convert purchase amounts into points
  • Track actual purchase amounts
  • Track number of customer visits
• Offers the ability to print “reward” receipts in any of the following ways:
  • As a % off the next purchase
  • As a $ value off the next purchase
  • As a stated free merchandise award
  • As a stated free merchandise award with minimum purchase
  • As a $ value (store credit) on the “dual” gift card portion