Gas Stations

Accept Credit Cards in a Gas Station

Accept All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Fleet Cards, and EBT.
Pay at the Pump, Service Stations, Convenience Stores, and other Petroleum Distributors.
Ruby Supersystem, Gilbarco, Wayne Nucleus
Petroleum and service station sales will be mostly swiped with less than 10% of the sales keyed.
Fleet Card Acceptance:
Voyager, Wright Express, and Fuelman cards in your gas station.

Attract new business to your convenience store by accepting fuel cards. These cards, known in the industry as fleet cards, are used by corporately owned business and even government workers. Everybody's gotta get gas, and you never want to let a customer pass you by just because you don't offer the specific card that they have to use for their job. They will go to the next station and that could give your competitor an unfair advantage. Wright Express, Fuelman, and Voyager are some of the more recognizable fuel cards, and as far as their customers, well, they are everywhere, in every city.

Your customers will appreciate the ability to offer them a way to use these card types and reward you with continued service for years to come.

Your customers will appreciate your expertise and reward your business with ongoing service.

US Postal Service, General Service Administration, and US Sprint are some of the customers who use Voyager.

Large commercial companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHLuse Wright Express.

No matter what your customer base, these guys are everywhere, and you never know when someone will run out of gas.

It's either you, or the other guy. Get fuel cards and increase that chance of gaining a customer.

Unbranded, Offbranded, and Branded Gas Stations

Convenience stores and gas stations have pay-at-the-pump cash registers to
give customers the ability to pay outside, instead of going in.
Avoid price gouging or setting a minimum transaction for your pumps.
Thinking about converting to pay-at-the-pump? There are many great systems to consider.
Verifone Ruby SuperSystems are the most popular, followed by Dresser Wayne Nucleus and Gilbarco.
Sell unleaded, unleaded plus, premium unleaded, e-85, deisel -premium or offroad, propane, or even kerosene in a snap.

Datawire Micronode 1400

buy datawire micronode for gas station ruby system pay at the pump

Certified for:
? Verifone Ruby
? Verifone Topaz
? Verifone Saphire
? Gilbarco G-Site
? Gilbarco Passport
? Wayne Nucleus
? ComData
? Fiscal
? Systech
The pumps are great for fast service when you have many customers. No matter how many pumps your station offers, adding a datawiremicronode to your system is simple and very effective. This device connects your Verifone RubySuperSystem, Dresser Wayne, or Gilbarco to the internet, running your transactions in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of satallite. Automatic rollover to dial backup ensures you don't lose a sale. This will help with your busiest parts of your day when you have many people waiting at pull up to the pump at the same time.
Fuel Pump & Credit Card Printer Paper Rolls

We carry a complete line of paper rolls and POS printer ribbons supplies for every POS printer, Fuel Pump printer,
and Credit Card printer on the market in the Convenience Store & Service Station industry.
Our application process makes it easy to apply.
Your application will be approved almost immediately, your account will be activated,
and if you're buying a new terminal , it will arrive in just days.
• Application & set-up is simple, fast & easy
• Accept all major credit cards
• Debit
• Receive funds within 24-48 hours
• Online transaction history reporting available
• 24/7 customer service and help desk

We guarantee personal service, industry merchant account expertise, and your complete customer satisfaction.
Our experienced account specialists will guide you through the entire merchant account process, tailoring a solution to your specific needs.
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