More Fleet Cards, More Customers
Fuelman Fleet Card
        • Leading Provider of Fleet Card Services since 1985
        • Over 800 million gallons sold in 2007
        • Local and regional small to mid size fleets, local sales staff.
        • Over 28,500 fueling sites available

CFN/Fuelman Fleetwide Card

        • Introduced in 2005
        • More than 1 million CFN cardholders
        • Fleetwide card adds the Fuelman network as a purchasing option.

Fuelman MasterCard - MasterCard Easy Savings Program

        • Introduced in 2005, Easy Savings
        • Accepted at all MasterCard locations
        • Rebates offered for use inside of the Fuelman network


        • Largest fleet customer base in the industry
        • NOW offering rebates at Fuelman accepting sites