Q. How long does it take to set-up my cards?
A. We approve the most submitted applications in under 5 Days.
Semi custom card packages are printed and ready to be shipped in 4-5 business days after approval. Custom Cards are generally shipped 14 business days from the date of our receipt of a signed proof. During holiday periods, production times incur an additional 5 business days. Unless instructed, all card orders are shipped “3-Day”.

Q. Can I use my existing equipment for gift cards?
A. If you have a piece of equipment, find the model name and model number located on the bottom of your card machine. Call one our representatives and we will be able to tell you if your piece of equipment can be used.

Surcharges for POS Software: Each location will incur a setup surcharge of $60.00 plus an additional fixed monthly surcharge of $12.95
Q. What will I receive in my initial order?
A. In your semi custom or custom package, you will receive: hangers or holders, acrylic countertop
display, table tent, window and cash register decals, machine instructions and training phone numbers.
Bulk custom card package accessories are available a la carte.

Q. Can I split my semi custom card order into two different card styles?
A. Yes, you may split your order into 2 different card styles for an additional $50.00

Q: Are expiration dates or dormancy fees recommended?
In numerous jurisdictions, legislation is pending, or has already been enacted, to prohibit expiration as well as dormancy service charges, and as such, we recommend implementing neither so as to avoid future consumer and legislative conflict. Gift cards can’t expire before 12 months have passed, rewards and incentive cards can expire much sooner. Consult a licensed attorney for legislation advice or visit the National Conference of State Legislatures to find recently enacted gift card legislation for your state.

Q: What online reporting features are available?
A: You will have a unique login to view (a) all daily transaction activity (b) invoice detail (c) card history
and (d) transactions that result from a group of stores sharing a common gift card.

Q: How do my customers check their balance?
A: Your customers will have the option to check their balance online, in-store, and over the phone.
Each telephone balance inquiry is $0.12 and checking the balance over the internet is available at no cost.
Q: Can I upgrade from a select program to a "custom" program?
A: Yes, however you must finish paying off the remaining months of the agreement.
As a result, you would have 2 gift card softwares running side by side.
Either set of cards can be redeemed and activated in your location.

Q. Is my application information secure?

A. Yes, your application information is encrypted and secured.

Q. Who do I contact if I am having problems with the application?
A. Please call our client support center. We can be reached by dialing 1 (866) 554-4326

Q. What do I do if I do not have a fax machine or scanner and need to fax something to you?
A. If you do not have a fax machine, you can visit a local Kinkos or UPS store in order to send your fax.