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How to accept credit card payments online
Accepting credit card payments online has never been easier. With all the technical jargon that revolves around getting setup, it is usually as easy as putting a simple code onto your site. If you have another person doing the work for you, all you have to do is give them the login and password for your e commerce shopping cart account and they will be able to set your account up in hours. E-commerce stores are rising faster than any webmaster could have expected, with web businesses becoming more valuable by the day. Is your business setup to sell over the internet yet?
Is your website published to the internet?

Credit Card Processing on the Web
The use of credit card processing over the Web could play a major role in your business. Credit card processing over the Web involves the provision of secure processing of credit card information entered by users of the your business Web site(s). Many uses of this are evident, among them customers paying for your products on a Web site or customers buying products at a your store. Many business owners are already exploring, and in some cases have already implemented their own versions of credit card processing on the Web.
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Being a webmaster is hard work. From the start to the finish, owning a website is a full time job. For e-commerce webmasters, their online merchant account means the difference between paid and unpaid. If you run e commerce transactions online, you are not alone. There are over 6 million sites online that offer payment to their customers by means of internet processing.
Do you have a shopping cart that is working and secure?

Secure processing of credit card information.
By planning to offer credit card processing over the Web, you are making your business available to customers that you would not reach otherwise. If you currently offer your own version of credit card services over the Web, contact us to discuss your pricing and services. We have just the right solution for your business.
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Paypal Alternatives
Most paypal business customers are familiar with the high rates and even higher monthly fees. Sometimes finding an alternative could be exactly what you need to boost your online profits to the max. Merchant services accounts online are available to webmasters looking for an alternative to PayPal. With an online account, your customer never has to leave your secure payment site, and every page has your business name. New customers that use to have to go setup a paypal account, now will appreciate your professional way of accepting payments for their favorite product or service. In addition, your fees will more than likely be lower and that means more profit for your business venture.
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