E-Check Acceptance

TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) with Warranty:
Convert your paper check into electronic payments - ACH
Eliminate trips to the bank
            • How many checks per day to you currently receive?
            • How many checks bounce?
            • How much does it cost you when your customer bounces a check?
            • What is your collection procedure for returned checks?
            • Would you like to always receive your money back on returned checks?
The TeleCheck ECA Warranty service offers merchants a comprehensive solution for
check acceptance, incorporating authorization, settlement and collections.
Accept more checks, including low-numbered, out-of-town, and even out-of-state checks.
Accept checks in your business easily, efficiently and safely.
Reduced your bank fees, lower operating expenses, and improved cash flow through faster funding.

The ACH network is used to process the transaction and fund your account generally within two business days.
TeleCheck manages the entire collections process giving you more time to focus on your customers.
Guarantee consumer checks up to $25,000

(if we approve it, we pay it)

If Telecheck approves a check that is later returned, you will be reimbursed up to the check warranty max (face value)

Reduce time and inconvenience as well as check fraud risk.
Consumers’ personal information stays secure because their checks are returned to them.
(If declined with ECA - you may still process with paper check warranty)

$5.00 Monthly Fee
1.4%* per check
$0.30 per check
Grocery 0%* + $0.50 per check $300 MAX
C-Store/Petro 0%* + $0.45 per check $200 MAX
($25 cashback option w/purchase)
Auto Parts & Services 1.5%* + $0.25 per check
Auto Dealership Hold Check 1.85%* + $0.25 per check
Healthcare (Physicians/Dentists/Ortho) 0%* + $0.55 $200 MAX
Beauty/Nail Salon 0%* + $0.60 $200 MAX
You can still accept checks that are over your MAX amount.
Checks over the MAX amount will be charged 1.35%* + $0.25 per check
*Rates vary by business type, risk level, and transaction type.
Supported by specific terminals only.
(Some commercial checks & small bank(credit union) aren't able to be sent electronically. Terminal prompts for paper warranty)