Design Specs

Custom Gift Card Design Specs and Gift Card Templates

4 Color Front / 1 Color Back

Prepare your artwork and determine how many colors your gift card will need.
Layout your card as shown below
(Final Layout including bleed should measure 3.625” x 2.375” at 300dpi )

front back of gift card design specs

DO NOT crop artwork to card edge. All artwork should be Back of card language shown is our generic language applied
cropped to 3.625” x 2.375” at 300dpi. Please DO NOT include to the back of gift cards that do not have custom back artwork.
the card edge in your artwork. Final artwork size should be This language and or area on the back of the gift card may be
3.625” x 2.375” at 300dpi. NOTICE: If you place text beyond customized. (back of a gift card is a single color, 6pt Arial font,
the Live Image Area it may be cut.editable area is 3-1/8” x 1”)
Photoshop Gift Card Templates Illustrator Gift Card Templates
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Font problems are common because of the large variety of font manufacturers. Please include all fonts and screen fonts used in your document or convert them to outline to ensure that your job prints to your specifications (even the most common fonts).

In Adobe Illustrator we set the trapping between 1 pt and 1.5 pt depending on the image. We can adjust or set the trapping for you.

Please make sure that your art colors are specified as you would like them to print. A PMS color should not be separated as process.

We suggest not using borders on your card artwork. Printing cards with borders can result in the borders having an uneven look.
Although every effort will be taken to ensure there correctness, we cannot guarantee they can or will be printed evenly on all 4 sides.

Art Specifications for Electronic Files

IBM Programs
(In order of preference)

1. Adobe Illustrator CS or lower
2. Adobe Photoshop CS or lower

When possible, please use Adobe Type 1 fonts. Include printer and screen fonts that you used to create your file.
All fonts should be changed to curves / converted to outlines to avoid font problems. If you have placed art,
include the image file. The entire document needs to be exported in EPS format or saved in its native file format.

Image Files (must be 300dpi or above)
1. EPS (PC) format
2. TIF (PC) format

--We do not accept Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint--

If sending directly to print..

Placed Elements Formats
Please save all elements in your files in these formats:
1. EPS (PC ) - Use for vector art
2. Tiff (PC ) - Use for CMYK and Halftone Only

Placed Element Specs
1. CMYK & Halftone images should be scanned at 300dpi resolution (calculate for final size) for output at 150 lines.
2. Line art should be scanned at 1200dpi resolution (calculate for final size).

Please use WinZIP or WinRAR for compression when E-mailing.
Files saved in any other format can cause problems.
DO NOT send RGB images. If we must change to CMYK, your image may change to an undesirable color intensity.

Review of your Artwork
Once artwork is received, a review of your artwork will be created and sent to you for approval before a proof is made.
When you receive the review, look it over carefully and provide detailed instructions of any changes you may have. You will be emailed instructions on how to provide these changes along with the review. If changes to your review are requested, you will receive consecutive reviews of your artwork until approval has been given for proofing.

Once approval of the review is received, your artwork will be sent for proofing.

Proofing of your Artwork
Proofing of your artwork generally takes 1-3 business days for you to receive. Once you receive the proof,
review it, sign it and fax it back to the number provided in your proof email. If changes to your proof are requested, you will receive consecutive proofs of your artwork until approval has been given for the printing of your cards.

Changes made to proofs will be charged at current rates per proof change
(including but not limited to: computer/art time, negatives, proofs, plates, setup, etc.),

Please make sure changes to your artwork are completed during the review process.

When will I receive my order?
Once we have received your signed proof, your cards will be scheduled for print.
Printed cards generally ship 14 business days from the date of our receipt of an "APPROVED AS IS" signed proof.
During holiday periods, production times incur an additional 5 business days.
Unless instructed, all card orders are shipped “3-Day”.

Once cards are in production, a request for a change in shipping speed may not be possible.