Check Guarantee

Telecheck Paper Check Guarantee
(Standard deposit check warranty)

Safeguard your business if a check does not clear your bank.

With the TeleCheck Paper Check Acceptance service, you have a high degree of confidence in knowing whether a check will be returned or not, making your decision to accept or deny a check much easier. By rejecting high-risk checks on the spot, you will minimize the expense and hassle of attempting to collect on them later.

With the warranty service, TeleCheck will manage the check collection process.

Guarantee consumer and business checks

(if we approve it, we pay it)

If Telecheck approves a check that is later returned, you will be reimbursed up to the check warranty max
(face value)

$5.00 Monthly Fee

1.35%* per check
$0.25 per check
Grocery 0%* + $0.45 per check $300 MAX
C-Store/Petro 0%* + $0.35 per check $200 MAX
($25 cashback option w/purchase)
Auto Parts & Services 1.4%* + $0.25 per check
Auto Dealership Hold Check 1.75%* + $0.25 per check
Healthcare (Physicians/Dentists/Ortho) 0%* + $0.55 $200 MAX
Beauty/Nail Salon 0%* + $0.60 $200 MAX
You can still accept checks that are over your MAX amount.
Checks over the MAX amount will be charged 1.35%* + $0.25 per check
How does it work:
TeleCheck uses check-writer negative and activity databases and other proprietary risk management tools to determine the risk of accepting a check. If TeleCheck approves a check that is later returned, you will be reimbursed up to the check warranty maximum if all the warranty requirements have been met.
            • Make sure that check has been imprinted with address and phone #
            • Slide check through check reader
            • Write approval # and ID on check
            • Deliver checks to bank as normal

Any returned check has 30 days from the date of the transaction to forward to Telecheck.

*Rates vary by business type, risk level, and transaction type.
Supported by specific terminals only.