Bulk FAQ

Q:What accessories come with the bulk custom card program?
A: In the bulk custom program everything is a la carte such that you may select from, and individually pay for, holders, hangers, envelopes, acrylic displays, wire display racks (for use with hangers), and table tents. Only reverse window decals and cash register decals come included.

Q:Can my business have a custom back to accompany the 4 color custom front?
A: Yes, as long as we are producing a custom card, there is no additional charge to produce a custom back with the following exceptions: (1) there is a $.05 surcharge per card to use a wide magnetic stripe (also known as high coefficient or “Hico” for short), and (2) there is a surcharge to use more than one color on the card back. (Normally “black”) such that the surcharge is $20 per extra color for the setup, and an extra $.07 per color per card. A four color back (also known as a 4 over 4) would cost an extra $60 and an addittional $0.21 per card.

Q:How long does it take to get a custom card once an order has been submitted?
A: Custom cards will not get into the print queue until a signed proof is received. A proof or design assistance will not begin until your agreement is properly completed and submitted. Once your design has been properly submitted, an electronic proof will be prepared and emailed back to you for signature and faxing back. Orders will not be processed without a signed fax or signed email scan.

From that point of receipt, orders will generally take 15 business days of print time plus an additional 3 days for delivery. (An additional week will be required during each XMAS holiday season beginning early November.) Rush orders will not be processed with any extra priority given that everyone has a “rush” order at that time of year.

Q: Are expiration dates or dormancy fees recommended?
A: In numerous jurisdictions, legislation is pending, or has already been enacted, to prohibit expiration as well as dormancy service charges, and as such, we recommend implementing neither so as to avoid future consumer and legislative conflict. Gift cards can’t expire before 12 months have passed, rewards and incentive cards can expire much sooner. Consult a licensed attorney for legislation advice or visit the National Conference of State Legislatures to find recently enacted gift card legislation for your state.

Q: When involved in a large promotional effort, can I ask us to “Pre- Activate” a series of gift cards for a fixed amount per card so as to avoid manual l entry?
A: Yes, however the minimum range is 100 cards, the cards must all be in sequence, and the fee for doing such is the same as if the merchant were to activate the cards. A simple email from you with the beginning card number, ending card number, and fixed dollar amount that applies to all the cards is all that is needed.
Q: Can custom cards be shared between multiple locations of different owners? (such as franchise owners sharing a common, corporately branded card design)
A: Yes, but each location will still have its own set of transaction fees and monthly fees, plus the owners must decide how to divide up the order so as to evenly spread the setup cost and plastics costs.

Q: In the case of different store owners, how does the store redeeming a card sold somewhere else in the franchise chain ultimately get compensated?
A: Every night all transactions are analyzed in all closed batches to determine which transaction is the result of a card activated in one location but redeemed in another of a different owner. These transactions are then loaded into the WEB reporting and are sent into the Automated ClearingHouse (ACH) System to debit the card activating store and credit the card redeeming store.
Please note that separate transaction fees apply for moving funds between locations.
Q:How do I get started with custom cards?
A: Visit the Design Specifications page and begin building your gift card graphic.
Q: Are there extra costs for specialty cards, like cards with embossing or cards that are integrated into a plastic hanging piece like you might see in a grocery store?
A: Yes, to all three situations described above. All require a custom quote based on size and quantity.